Our Approach

Relationships are foundational to successful planning and implementation. We use a comprehensive consultative process to thoroughly understand our client's most important Values, Goals and Relationships. We carefully assess this information along with you to determine if there is a mutually beneficial opportunity to work together. We seek to deliver complete Wealth Management Services to a select group of no more than 200 clients. We are not for everyone and want to ensure a long term relationship with those that become our clients.

Once you become a client, we carefully construct a comprehensive wealth management plan that encompasses your most important values, goals, time horizons & relationships, in other words, what's most important to your life. The plan includes a strategic investment plan, examines estate planning, investment tax planning, critical family financial matters and an implementation process that allows you to be informed every step of the way. We offer personalized strategies, not products, to address each of our client's unique needs. Our plans and strategies always use cost effective, risk managed tools and services.

Financial Planning, Retirement Planning and Wealth Management

Today's planning and investing landscape is littered with an alphabet soup of titles. From self-help websites to investment companies touting their wears, to websites where people can supposedly invest and plan out their entire financial lives without any professional guidance.

But for the few that realize that financial planning and wealth management is more than just running some financial projections or picking an asset allocation, there is an opportunity to realize their true wealth potential. Wealth management is a full time job and as professionals in our business, our number one priority is to make sure we are comprehensive in our analysis and thorough in our investigation of your values, priorities and risk tolerance. From that evaluation, we craft comprehensive plans and strategies to help you work towards achieving your goals, dreams and retirement. You'll experience the difference at Summit Wealth Advisors.

Investment Selection & Management Process

Institutional Money Management – “Tuning out the Noise”

Many of today's investors are compromised by the constant blur and noise of advertising or the latest and greatest investment fade, while the smart money continues to make long term, risk-adjusted returns using institutional-style programs. For many, the minimum $1.0 million price of entry to such sophisticated program is too much to gain entry to this market. However, through the use of unique platforms, we can help clients access these high net worth capital markets at surprising low account minimums, thereby giving them access to highly effective, cost efficient institutional money management programs. We shun the traditional day trader or brokerage style of commissioned-based investing and use the professional money management teams employed by some of the nation's wisest and wealthiest investors.

Strategic Wealth Management (SWM) Platform

With over 27,000 various investment products in the market today, we can compliment the institutional style programs with this Advisory programs. Using our objective analysis, we are able to seek out investments meeting our own stringent criteria to establish portfolios for individual savings accounts, college education plans, annuities, SEPs, 401ks or IRAs. We use both technical and fundamental analysis in our approach to researching investments in the market. We do not advocate chasing top performing investments; rather, our analysis helps us seek out long term investments with low cost structure and long term appreciation potential using our analysis methods.

Smart Income Solutions™ – Income Planning for Pre and Post Retirement

Today, many people are entering into the later stages of their career life and are wondering if they will have enough saved in their retirement accounts to make living in retirement comfortable or a daily struggle. Rather than letting it up to chance, we have designed methods of incorporating all of your pre and post retirement planning into a smart strategies program. The Smart Income Solutions program seeks to develop an investment portfolio that can help manage your assets while working towards creating a sustainable income stream for your retirement years. Your plan will be professionally and individually designed to address your specific goals.