About The Merger

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Summit Wealth Advisors, LLC began engaging in a merger with Denver Wealth Management on July 1st, 2019, and I would like to use this as an opportunity to share the ‘why’ and the ‘who.’ Click the link above to listen to the audio version of the interview between myself and Blair Braden, co-founder of Denver Wealth Management.

So, why the merger? Long story short, after 19 years of running Summit Wealth Advisors, LLC on my own, I’ve decided that things are changing rapidly in the industry and it would be beneficial to have a support team around me rather than being a solo advisor, and it would be beneficial to you as well. Thus, I began my search about a year ago.

Why Denver Wealth Management? Once I began my search, about 50 companies reached out to me. I interviewed each company throughout this 12-month process and narrowed it down to three local, Denver-based companies. Of those three, I decided Denver Wealth Management was the best fit for a number of reasons including their team philosophy, excellent people, and I’ve known them outside of the merger for four or five years now.

At the end of the day, the most important thing to me is you, my clients. When and if I decide to retire ten years from now, I want somebody who will care for my clients the same way I would. During the interview process, I found that Summit Wealth Advisors, LLC and Denver Wealth Management share a lot of the same values.

After about six months, we came to an agreement and I’m very happy to be here. The team is great, and I think you’ll find the team is as easy to work with and as down-to-earth as I am. Please listen to the audio above, as Blair and I go more in-depth with our values and what this means for you. Blair offers an introduction to the Denver Wealth Management team who you may be talking with in the future. If you have any questions regarding the merger, please do not hesitate to give me a call – I would be happy to discuss.


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